February 7, 2013

James Blake previewed the first track from his new album/think-piece-bait Overgrown on BBC Radio 1 today, and it’s a predictably moody descent into the existential abyss. Scant evidence of any dubbing, or much stepping, for that matter, but instead we’re treated to a resigned golfclap beat, a relatively reserved bass line grumble, and sighing vocal runs that sound like they might be warmups for a more challenging take on another song. That said, it’s all rather lovely and sure to set the mood for an epic finger-blasting (the in love kind though). “Show me while you’re strong,” he breathes-forth in a fog of romance, over a swarm of bees/Kool & the Gang/Jazzy Jeff buzz. “Ignore everybody else, we’re alone now.”

The album is out on April 8, and Blake has a string of dates coming up, including a performance at Coachella, because if anything says a hot day in the sun with thousands of strangers, it’s the moody, bed-sit, rain-spattered, love-lorn minimalism of James Blake.

Here’s the radio rip (via CoS)

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