February 4, 2013

“Don’t hold your breath that it’s happening,” Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz told the Chicago Tribune on Saturday when asked about the rumors of a Fall Out Boy reunion. (via Alt Press). “People asked ‘Is this happening?’ ‘I’m not the person that can help you out. All I know is it’s not.’”

Pete Wentz, as we learned this morning, is a big fat liar. The band, who’ve been on hiatus for three years, have announced this morning that they will in fact be releasing a new album and going back on tour. The first single from the album Save Rock And Roll, which sounds a little ambitious if we’re being honest, but ok, is frustratingly-titled “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up).” Check it out below, and be sure to let someone know how bummed you are that it doesn’t sound like their old stuff and/or how bands need to progress and can’t keep playing the same stuff over and over again or it gets stale.

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