Fall in Love with London Duo Leave the Planet’s Shoegaze Soundscapes


Fall in Love with London Duo Leave the Planet’s Shoegaze Soundscapes


Photography: Stella Asia Consonni
Styling: Francesca Prudente
Makeup: Nancy Sumner
Hair: Rebecca Chang Amoroso
Photo Assistant: Jesse Fisher

Leave the Planet is an East London-based dream pop, shoegaze duo formed by Nathalia Bruno and Jack Milwaukee. Following the release of a few US singles off Kanine Records, the two have plans to announce a forthcoming EP on Wiener Records.

With a sound influenced by Slowdive, Felt and early Creation records, their music has a noticeably layered reverberation and resolute rhythmic softness. The ethereal, delicate soundscapes they create through vintage synths, guitar and pedals transport you to a world filled with hazy visions of a misspent youth.

We caught up with Bruno and Milwaukee to discuss the band’s origin, name and London home base.


How did the project start?

Nathalia Bruno: “Everything started when I moved into Jack’s flat. I was taking out my records and we realized we had a lot in common. We both had a band before—very different genres, though. Jack played industrial, post-punk [and] I had a dark, goth project going at the time.”

Jack Milwaukee: “Eventually we decided to start our own band, change completely and give birth to something new.”


The name of your band is a reference to Galaxie 500. Why did you pick this name?

NB: “Leave the Planet represents our sound quite well—spacey, escaping from reality. It definitely was the most appropriate for what we had in mind.”

What is your relation with the world of imagination?

NB: “The sounds that you can get from synths and pedals blend into one and let you escape when you are playing it. It’s like when you close your eyes and let your imagination run free.”

JM: “I have a strong interest in astronomy and ufology. Everything that is related to the world of imagination is inspiring for us.”

Is your nostalgic, melancholic sound a representation of your personalities? 

NB & JM: “We are both very nostalgic souls and this clearly has a big influence on our music. We want to express our feelings about life and this is how we see it.”

What inspires your aesthetic?

JM: “I really like the Italian director, Pierpaolo Pasolini. His philosophy and films are very inspirational to me. Also Harmony Korine is an important figure in my life.”

What do you listen to?

NB & JM: “We listen to a lot of different music—a really wide range. From hip-hop to post-rock and everything, really. It depends on the mood and the situation.”

What do you think of London’s indie music scene today?

JM: “I think London is a great place to be for an indie band. The scene is very big and it’s growing. You can get to know many bands, you can play in many venues and people like new music. However, everyone knows that it’s expensive and very competitive. You still get a good chance to be out there and you just have to get the best out of it. It’s something that I could never find in my hometown Lucca, Italy—the scene isn’t very rife there.”