Faith Connexion on Inspiration, Gender and Muses


Faith Connexion on Inspiration, Gender and Muses


Photography: Sam Hiscox
Styling: Naz & Kusi
Hair: Yusuke Morioka
Make Up: Amy Conley, using MAC
Models: Maximillian & Amelia (Premier Models)
Wardrobe: Faith Connexion

Paris’ reigning purveyors of street meets chic, Faith Connexion has yet to respond to rumors suggesting their atelier is comprised of Christophe Decarnin’s Balmain-era team. The label, however, is perfectly forthcoming when it comes to other subjects, especially their rule-breaking creative outlook, having defined exactly what makes them so special in a new manifesto—a rightful sign of confidence, given the sought after list of international retailers the young brand has already attracted. We recently caught up with the Parisian house to discover more about what lies beneath.

What’s your view on fashion in the digital age? How does it affect your inspiration and communication with customers?

“We don’t have any statement regarding that matter. In fact, the new digital era doesn’t affect the way we make clothes. Our inspirations and references remain the same. Of course, it does affect the communication with our customers, it reinforces our network and helps us to build a real community.”

 The AW ’15 collection presented a variety of styles, but managed to present them as a cohesive whole. Is the aim to have something for everyone?

“We have a bunch of creative people working all together everyday at the studio, which creates this variety of aesthetics.
 The aim is not to please everyone. We like to rework iconic pieces, without forgetting our ideal of elegance. We’re both different and complementary. We are united around this Faith Connexion project, but we don’t need to have the same references. For sure, we love clothes with a pre-owned and lived-in quality.”

How do you feel about new gender attitude in Fashion?

“We feel absolutely confident about it. This is exactly what we love and what we practice. We have always borrowed some pieces from the menswear wardrobe for the women, and vice versa. The most important thing is to feel confident in the clothes, whoever you are.”

It’s been quoted that Faith Connexion wants to be free from all obligations of conventional fashion houses, allowing creative and seasonal freedom. Does this mean you’ll never hold a fashion show?

“We’ll never hold any fashion shows in the future, that’s for sure. We’re aiming to have direct and personal relationships with our partners, and to be out of the calendars’ diktats. We are not into this type of competitiveness, and we truly believe that there are some more genuine ways to communicate.”

 Do you have specific Muses or people you always imagine in your clothes? 

“We always have in mind an independent woman, who is out of cultural, social and fashion diktats. A woman who has a strong character, who assumes her choices. This has nothing to do with trends nor seasons.”