Exclusive: Stream Ahsh Eff’s ‘FREE YOU’ Independence Day Playlist


Exclusive: Stream Ahsh Eff’s ‘FREE YOU’ Independence Day Playlist


Photography: Cristobal Guerra

Rising Brooklyn rapper Ahsh Eff first broke out this year with her gritty buzz single, “Storefront,” reviving the golden age of New York hip-hop with production by Mess Kid and Stelios Philli. From this, she’s garnered well-deserved comparisons to 1996 “Big Momma Thang” Lil’ Kim—something we saw firsthand during Eff’s legendary live performance at our Baby’s All Right Orlando Benefit last week.

Today, the newcomer shares another impressive track, “@YoungThug,” produced by A$AP Ferg collaborator Crystal Caines. “Young thug on the come-up,” Eff pointedly raps above a swirling, ominous instrumental. The song lyrically centers on ideas of liberation and independence, providing the perfect soundtrack for today’s 4th of July festivities. Hear Eff’s latest cut, below, along with an exclusive FREE YOU Independence Day playlist:

“Storefront:” Everytime I close my eyes and hear this, I’m in a different store buying different things still trying to get my stacks up.

“Always On Time:” When I first heard this song, I was ready to act a complete fool thinking it was Ja Rule and Ashanti, then I heard A Boogie. He took such an unpredictable approach to singing and following the melody on a classic beat.

“Stuttin Like My Mama:” This is probably one of my favorite Keef songs just because it’s so unconventional. Who you know that stunt like they mama? That’s some lit shit to even say.

“Nigerian Pussy:” I stumbled upon this on a very late late night on SoundCloud. This. Song. Is. My. Guilty. Pleasure. Although I’m not Nigerian, her pride takes it over the top for me. She is in your face with it—no apologies!

“Precious:” I’m so precious. Jay Boogie constantly inspires me. His level of self comfort is ridiculous. He rides the beat thoroughly, being risqué and rugged. I’m always here for it.

“Lithium:” I think this song most accurately describes the full purpose of the playlist. It’s about letting go and doing it beautifully.

“Link Up:” Gmo is from New Zealand and I’ve been fucking with his music for a while. He takes emotions most men would be ashamed of and glorifies them. He’s not afraid to be vulnerable.

“Not Yours:” Bree Runway is out of London and she’s the quintessential ‘designer hooker.’ She glorifies being overly bougie and un-attainable. She gives me heavy, ‘boy you cannot talk to me ever and I know you love that’ vibes.

“Love Potion:” I want bby mutha to be my witchy trap mom. She never disappoints me. This song is like it Le Chat and Gangsta Boo had a baby raised by Project Pat and Miss Cleo that’s my bae. Drink the potion.

“Slayed:” I couldn’t even pick just one song, but I had to. ‘Kodak’ is so brilliant, he slays the whole song. This song is like baby Boosie on steroids and lil Boosie come together for a match in my heaven. #FreeThatManKodakTillTheyFreeThatManKodak

“@YoungThug:” ‘@YoungThug’ isn’t the ballad of a self-proclaimed thug, it’s the celebration of marrying things that don’t normally go together and making them ‘your own normal.’ I’m a hardcore glammed-up green-haired du-rag-wearing music-obsessed fire-spittin’ diamond-encrusted bodega bag.

“Killa Cam:” Cam taught me to love the fuck out of myself. I call him my dad cause there’s a lot of things I wouldn’t have gotten through without this song. Cam’Ron personifies self love and makes it okay to be madly, arrogantly and glamorously in love with yourself.