November 15, 2012

I have been informed by an acquaintance that, in the style of these times, Vinny Cha$e (pictured right) is fond of using “swag” in real life as a punctuation mark, grammatical modifier, and general catch-all. Upon listening to the Harlem MC’s newest track, “Harlem Roses,” this makes complete sense: Built around a haunting sample from Faces on Film’s song of the same name and featuring fellow rapper Kid Art, it’s possessed with self-made confidence and snappy rejoinders, with at least one instance of Cha$e comparing himself to George Lucas. A more natural point of comparison might be Harlem rappers Azaelia Banks and A$AP Rocky, who diverge in sound and approach to rap but share the same area code, decade of birth and eye for fashion, which is about all one needs to be part of an emerging trend. But from the sound of things, Cha$e is doing just fine on his own. Look for the track on his upcoming mixtape, The Golden Army, which drops on November 29.

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