December 6, 2012

One of these days they’re finally going to get around to making our long-delayed dreams of dance clubs at the bottom of the sea a reality. Until then, we’re content to get tangled in the briny depths of this exclusive new track, “Precious Dive” from Brooklyn-by-way of-Poland’s Jakub Alexander, aka Heathered Pearls.

The track, which like much of the Loyal record, due out on Ghostly International next week, is a study in patience and withheld release. It builds from the echoing quiet of a distantly chiming sonar to the dull roar of eroding static. Call it ocean-wave-wave maybe?

“Everything I made on Loyal revolves around the ocean at night visually,” Alexander told us. “But more on a personal note I have a huge phobia of ocean liners or being stuck in a storm at sea.”

This is probably what it would sound like, actually. Engine failure, the quiet of the solitude. Yikes, now I’m afraid of that, too. Thanks dude.

“The motions behind ‘Precious Dive’ is that I wanted to uncover the tension building from a delicate sounding melody and be able to focus on the core of what keeps it stable while a mass aggression rolls in. I see it as controlling chaos and always searching for the beauty that can be found along the way.”

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