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Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes On Chelsea Wolfe’s New Video

Getting ready with Jenna Kristina (makeup), Adrian Arrendondo (hair) & Nail Swag's Natalie Minerva.
Behind the scenes at Lightbox studios.
First shot with director Charlene Bagcal and DP Brian Sowell.
Margiela rings & chainmail handpicked by stylist Jenni Hensler.
Shooting at a Victorian home in Oakland.
Chelsea Wolfe in a turn-of-the-century wedding dress altered by stylist Jenni Hensler.
DP Brian Sowell & Chelsea Wolfe on a farm in Northern California.
More shots on the farm. (All photos by Charlene Bagcal)

L.A.-based singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe has just premiered a new video for “Flatlands,” a popular track from her critically acclaimed acoustic album Unknown Rooms (Sargent House). Released as a part of the Converse X Decibel Magazine collaboration and directed by Charlene Bagcal, the video is unapologetically melodramatic, in perfect keeping with Wolfe’s goth-tinged, high-priestess-of-bleakville aesthetic. Above, you’ll find some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, which took place on a farm in Northern California—and don’t forget to watch the video, below!