December 14, 2012

I’m not going to try to blow anyone’s mind by pointing out how much I don’t like Christmas music like most of the coolest bad asses I know, because that would be a big lie. Christmas music is magical and transcendent!  It’s a portal into more innocent and sincere times in our lives where this than and the other thing happened. I’ve been singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” around the house since about Labor Day. But there’s one Christmas song I can’t abide, and it’s probably your least favorite ever too. Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time” is the Christmas music equivalent of stopping off at Duane Reade on the way to your party and stuffing a box of 99 cent candy canes and travel-sized deodorants in a tube sock and calling it a present.

In this update, the buzzy NYC duo Ex Cops not only make the song listenable, they actually manage to make it kind of kick ass (via Brooklyn Vegan). There’s still a jingling bells sense of momentum to it, but they’ve completely amped up the rock power, which, considering it was already at negative fuckbillion in the original, doesn’t seem like it would be that hard.

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