Eulogy by Noah Wunsch


Eulogy by Noah Wunsch


The moment I picked up BULLETT, I knew I wanted to work there. I remember going home with it and reading every single article. Every. Single. One. Each highlighting a future star in there “on the brink” phase. In many ways that’s also how the staff was thrown together. A bunch of future stars in there “on the brink” stage. I, personally, had no right to be the “VP of Business Development” at 23, though how that title was thrown together is indicative of the culture. Jack, our… what the fuck was Jack’s title at BULLETT? He seemed to be the chief something. In any case, Jack looked at me, like the runt in the kennel and said, “So what should we call you?” He cycled through various titled, “Head,” “Director,” “Advertising,” “Promotions,” and then he said VP of Business Development and I said I WANT THAT ONE! And that was it.

BULLETT was the way a magazine was supposed to be made. It’s what we were promised as print geeks. A bunch of idiot twenty year olds making something cool and having fun with it. Yes, there were the 4 AM nights on deadline (I only experienced one, so I have no right to bitch), and the arguments. And of course there was Atil, the odd shaped puzzle piece in our mess. Suit and tie in a ripped sweater office. But most of the time it was soup dumplings at 169 Bar and late late late nights / early mornings (in a good way). We were the age of the people we were covering, so we hung out with them, or they hung out with us. I don’t know, I just don’t think I’ll ever forget the party we threw down on Walker Street for like, maybe $1,500 and a fuck ton of $5 liters of vodka. It’s amazing someone didn’t die that night.

But again, just to touch on that “on the brink” thing, it’s important to note that everyone who worked at BULLETT has gone on to be leaders in their space – whether starting their own agency, or running the in-house one for a media company, or I don’t know, becoming the editor in chief of Interview (or whatever). I don’t say this to boast, only to point out what a breeding ground for talent BULLETT was, how special that is. Idil is to thank for that more than anyone else. She employed the weirdos with vision and gave us the spring board to grow from there. I can’t say I’ll miss BULLETT, because I have missed BULLETT. It was the most fun I had working.

-Noah Wunsch, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy at Sotheby’s



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