Eulogy by BULLETT Editor-in-Chief Idil Tabanca


Eulogy by BULLETT Editor-in-Chief Idil Tabanca


Truth be told, I can’t take any credit for BULLETT. My biggest accomplishment is bringing (and keeping) together the extraordinary group of people that made up our team.

The day Johnny Rackleff introduced me to Sah D’Simone’s band of misfits, I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams what I was about to become a part of. Sah and Johnny’s hard work, motivation and recruiting skills laid the groundwork for BULLETT. James Orlando’s exceptional vision coupled with Morey Talmor’s eye and talent made it flourish. When Canadian word wizards Nick Haramis, and Ben Barnaalong with their army of writers (Allyson Shiffman, Luke O’Neil, Fiona Duncan, Anna Soldner, John Ortved)jumped on board we became unstoppable. Jack Becht expanded our business to new avenues while Noah Wunsch’s skills of conviction finally got the dollars rolling in. Noah Paul and Peter Spark turned b-roll into magic. Busra Erkara made sure we never embarrassed ourselves. Juliet LeGrand whipped us into shape. Ninze Chen and Brady Gunell gave BULLETT its signature swagger. Evren Catlin, Jessica Bobince and Stephanie Singer BULLETTized the shit out of anyone who dared grace our pages. When we thought we’d go under, Mike Herman came to our rescue and Alex Weiss carried the torch with exceptional poise and passion until the day it had to be put out. 

Through the ups and downs, the shits and glitz, together we conquered a world I seldom imagined existed. We shared airbeds, pizza slices and cigarettes. We pulled weeks-long all-nighters making font from spaghetti and playing bumper chairs at the office. We attended each others’ weddings and funerals. We nursed one another through break-ups, hangovers and herniated discs. We worked hard and played hard without any break between the two. I won’t even go down the list of debauchery (though I will say: Joseph Leonard, Paz, Istanbul, werewolves & villagers, snowboarding, Obsessed Issue, custom birthday cakes, Tanya, jell-o, the ASMEs, Secret tree, Sunac, Damon Dash, Doorman Dave, 4th floor, David Copperfield, Insider Series, Chunk) but boy did we have a good time.

We chased our dreams in naive conviction for no compensation. This wasn’t a place for people looking for a job. You couldn’t just work at BULLETT. You had to be BULLETT. We were family.

Erol Tabanca, Rana Erkan Tabanca, Ayhan Sav, Montana Ayoub, Rhianna Rule, Erin Ralph, Nick Ralph, Eliot Lee Hazel, Anna Trevelyan, Aimee O’Neill, Jen Kessler, Henry Giardina, Daniel Wantz, Aaron Cohen, John McNabb, George Agusto, Brendan Dunne, Asya Cetin, Yasemin Kececioglu, Alya Sorour, Judy Sabin, Elizabeth Bolitho, Katherine Howard, Rachel Pidcock, Leslie Kulesh, Juliane Lehmann, Jack Tarantino, Brianne Doak, Carrie Rosten, Jake Hurn, James Navarrete, Lamia Akar, Shay Nielsen, Gabriel Marquez, Justin Moran, Meghan Wolfe, Ian Sherman, Zafer Yumru, Janice Chou, Brianne McCabe, India Nicholas, Betul Alganatay, Atil Karagoz, and everyone who has ever contributed to BULLETT in any way, shape, or form:

I thank you for the relentless hours, your hard work and loyalty, friendship, guidance, contributions and the sacrifices you made for the cause. Wherever you are, I hope you will remember BULLETT fondly and draw from your experiences here. Each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart.

Except you, Paige Tiger, I still don’t know who the fuck you are.



Eulogy by BULLETT Editor-in-Chief Idil Tabanca

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