German Techno Whiz Etnik Chooses His Top 10 Unclassifiable Songs


German Techno Whiz Etnik Chooses His Top 10 Unclassifiable Songs


German techno prodigy Etnik recently released a new song featuring Mykki Blanco called “Unclassified,” the title track off his upcoming EP on Skrillex’s OWSLA label. The track, a mean club banger that features Blanco at his most unrelenting, is also the inspiration for the playlist you see below. The Hamburg-based Etnik recalls creating “Unclassified,” unsure of what the finished product would sound like. “Mykki Blanco’s fantastic rap on it made it even harder to classify, which is how we came up with the name,” he tells us. So below are ten of his favourite tracks that either don’t fit into any particular genre, don’t have a name, or are by relatively unknown artists.


1. Emptyset – Limit (Photosensitive SeizurWarning)

Is that even still music? Or are these just complex sound structures? I can’t tell, but listen for yourselves. Watch out for the video if you’re epileptic though!


2. Loscil – Lucy Dub

This is another example of a track I really dig but wouldn’t know what genre it belongs to. I love the mood though. I usually listen to it when I come home from a night of clubbing and need a little peace and quiet.


3. Hermitude – Ruffwon

Jazz combined with electronic drum rhythms, I’d call it Jazzstep. This is the perfect track for the cold and rainy Hamburg winter I have ahead of me.


4. Pole – Modul

They call it classic glitch dub but what does that even mean? This is a mellow electronic song. I heard it for the first time when I was only 6 or 7 years old. They played it late at night on the radio. I never forgot about it because it felt almost hypnotizing.


5. Legowelt – Techno Madchen

This one is unclassifiable for me. Techno meets classic music or rather the other way around? Either way Legowelt’s Techno Madchen gives me hope!


6. Lilacs & Champagne – Cinemaxx

I don’t even know where to place this track but it makes it even more interesting. I am a big fan of its dramaturgy.


7. James Brown – King Heroin

An anti drug poem supported by jazz music. This is a song about the darker side of life and the darker side of people. I like the way the song deals with these issues in the lyrics.


8. Illum Sphere – Love Theme For Foreverness (Version 2)

Interesting track because it sounds like the slower version of an R&B song that was pitched down.


9. Hands – Beelitz-Heilstätten, Pt. 7

Beelitz-Heilstätten is a former insane asylum and rehab facility in Brandenburg, Germany, near Berlin. There are many myths surrounding these buildings. The buildings themselves are totally worn down today but still mystically beautiful. Anyway, what this all has to do with the song “Hands” I have no idea. It’s probably about the special mood of Beelitz-Heilstätten.


10. HTRK – Chinatown Style

This is my favourite song of 2014. It’s a very touching song. I don’t understand why the artist chose to end the track at the climax. But it’s part of the fascination.