Epic Buzzfeed Vs. The Oatmeal Controversy Summed Up In 50 Racist Puppy Gifs


Epic Buzzfeed Vs. The Oatmeal Controversy Summed Up In 50 Racist Puppy Gifs


Going to keep this short and sweet here, because 1) it doesn’t matter, and 2) that leaves more time to look at gifs before the meter on your internal internet attention clock runs out. A couple days ago in The Secrets Of The Internet’s Most Beloved Viral Marketer, Buzzfeed’s Jack Stuef set out to “take down” webcomic game Farmville invite and top apostrophe-usage-based info-graphic-concern The Oatmeal and its creator Matthew Inman, and then much internet happened. Inman responded soon therafter with his own “blistering” post, then Buzzfeed made a half-hearted retraction. [getspopcorn.gif]

Basically it was a fight between two humungous presences on the web, and much like whenever you see two other lumbering oafs taking shots at each other outside a bar after last call, and you know you should probably just look away and go about your business, the next thing you know you’re taking a video of the fight with your phone held vertically and shouting WORLD STAR HIP HOP. So here we are.

To begin, Stuef was all, “Look at me, I’m going to report some news!”

And he did a pretty good of it too! Except for the roughly 45% of the story that was false. Being “super wrong” about “almost everything” isn’t necessarily a great quality in a “long form” investigative piece.

Here’s my impression of Inman, Stuef said:


Inman responded with a “brutal rebuttal” that pointed out all of the piece’s flaws that was basically all:



And then Inman was like:



And then I started putting this blog post together and I was like:



And then The Oatmeal’s legion of loyal office assistants and second favorite aunts were all:



And Steuf’s friends were probably Gchatting him stuff like :



And that was it. The most important fight to ever happen on the internet resulted in a revelation that Buzzfeed still isn’t a bastion of journalistic integrity, and The Oatmeal still isn’t funny.


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