Emerging Designer: Trine Lindegaard


Emerging Designer: Trine Lindegaard


Trine Lindegaard was only 18, and didn’t speak a word of Italian, when she moved from Odense, Denmark, to Milan to study industrial pattern and manufacturing at Istituto Carlo Secoli. “The culture was so different from what I was used to. I grew up quickly when I was there,” says Lindegaard, now 30, who went on to study at Middlesex University and the Royal College of Art in London. “I’m still a big fan of the Italian menswear scene, especially Prada and Marni, because of its use of colors and crafty elements—something that I use in my own collections. I never take myself too seriously, and I hope that comes across in my designs. I like to have good fun when I work, and that’s always what drives me to develop new pieces.”

BULLETT: If your collection were a 13-year-old boy, what would his name be?

Lindegaard: Hugo.

Is he afraid of the dark?

No, he loves walking down the empty streets at night. He loves the moon, the stars, and the neighborhood cats. He always carries a tin of cat food in his left pocket.

Who is his favorite photographer?

Diane Arbus.

What is his greatest aspiration?

To be happy.