Emerging Designer: Helen Bullock


Emerging Designer: Helen Bullock


London-based designer Helen Bullock, who recently graduated with an MA from Central Saint Martins, worked at John Galliano, Ossie Clark, and Avsh Alom Gur before branching out with her own collection, which was inspired in part bysoft-core porn. “My starting point was the ’60s movie Candy, an absolutely hysterical film,” she says. “In its last scene, there’s an amazing festival with enormous banners, bold shapes, and billowing fabrics. When I watched it, I waslike, That’s what my collection needs to be!”

BULLETT: If your collection were a 13-year-old girl, what would her name be?

BULLOCK: Penelope.

Does Penelope like boys or girls?

She likes them all.

Is she an only child?

She’s one of many, but she’s one of a kind.

Is she a Courtney Love fan, or does she subscribe to the “Courtney killed Kurt” school of thought?

Courtney! She’s always been more into the Lemonheads than Nirvana.