Eleven Objects


Eleven Objects

Evren Catlin; Photo by Damon Baker
James Orlando; Photo by Damon Baker
Elizabeth Jaeger; Photo by Damon Baker

BULLETT: What is your favorite collar in history?

Linh Thi Do: Detachable collars, clearly, but also the collar style that Edward VII popularized towards the end of the 19th century.
Christine Rhee: I’m partial to Queen Elizabeth’s ruff.

How do you think fashion bloggers have helped the industry for up and coming designers?

LT: Bloggers have really changed things and been so supportive to us and other designers. It’s done so much for us, it’s crazy. They have a really personal point of view. We definitely feel our designs are most successful when someone has an emotional and personal response to an object.

Do you ever plan on creating anything under Eleven Objects (accessories, fuller pieces) other than your staple collars?

LT:  Yes, we’re excited to add more objects! Right now, we’re working on several new ideas for accessories Spring 2012.
CR: We’ve always planned on expanding. Our backgrounds are clothing based so we’re definitely approaching new products with that in mind.

What is on your mood board for your next collection?

CR: Suntans, resort getaways, and sea creatures.

How does it feel to have your first collection be so successful?

LT: The response has been great, and we feel really lucky and encouraged by how excited, encouraging, and supportive people have been. We’re super excited to share our Spring 2012 collection!
CR: When we look back at how much we’ve done and all the great opportunities we’ve gotten in such a short period of time, it definitely feels rewarding. Although, everyone works really hard in New York so you’re always pushing yourself and just trying to keep up!

How often do you wear the collars yourselves?

LT:  All the time! Whenever we go out, it makes getting dressed so much easier because I can just throw a collar on top of my outfit. We started making collars because we really wanted some for our wardrobes and realized we should just make them!

After your most recent menswear resort collection, do you plan to continue to design this accessory for men?

CR: Definitely. We’re excited to see what kind of reactions we get from our male customers.

Who are your design influences?

CR: For Eleven Objects, we’re really inspired by both ends of the design spectrum, Valentino and Margiela, Moschino and Commes des Garcons.
LT:  Definitely our friends–it’s really fun and surprising to see how everyone wears the collar differently in their own style.