Edward Vigiletti, ‘I’m Actually Quite Shy’


Edward Vigiletti, ‘I’m Actually Quite Shy’


Photography: Nick Haymes

Makeup: Donald Simrock and Anthony Nguyen

Posing casually in a grocery store with a wig cap, blood red lips and eerie white contacts, Internet muse and rising producer Edward Vigiletti looks half-human, half-demon—like a disheveled drag queen, risen from the dead to seek vengeance on a past lover. Nothing about Vigiletti even slyly says “reserved,” but the Los Angeles trailblazer claims it’s his shyness that drove him to first explore music.

 “I’ve always steered clear from being in the spotlight,” he said. “When I was younger, I found comfort feeling invisible in the crowd of my school band—I’m actually quite shy. That’s when I started playing the Alto Sax and first fell in love with music.”

A far cry from the G-rated tenor of a school band, Vigiletti’s current music explodes with X-rated confidence, boasting raunchy synths that thrash like the soundtrack to a twisted Willy Wonka sequal—one where the creepy candy man finally loses his mind.

Edward Edit 3

Vigiletti has always been attracted to this dark, devilish aesthetic, craving the rush of adrenaline that goes hand-in-hand with fear.

“Let’s just say I would have much rather been with the Sith than be a Jedi,” he said. “I’ve always loved being scared.”

This sinister side, however, wasn’t the drive behind his bouncy lead single, “Black & Blonde,” off his forthcoming full-length album. According to Vigiletti, the track was made at a time when he experienced a life-changing revelation.

“For so fucking long, I was worried about what people would think of me if I actually took my life in the direction I wanted it to go,” he said. “There was this structure for how I thought life was supposed to be experienced, which I figured out later was only a result of me being afraid of myself.”

Edward Edit 4

He’s been working on this album for two years now, carefully combing through every track and pulling sonic inspiration from the music he grew up listening to. The entire project is meant to bend what’s “natural”—a motto realized through manufactured synths that scream like industrial machinery.

Vigiletti’s provocative image also revels in all things unnatural, rejecting the confines of reality—especially those surrounding masculine stereotypes. When polished in full drag, Vigiletti could easily pass as Marilyn Monroe’s daughter; when unpolished like shown above, he looks more like Marilyn Manson‘s daughter. Both alluring facades pull from the demented fantasy that Vigiletti has always gravitated toward, providing the perfect foundation to foster a dynamic music career.

Here’s your first taste of Vigiletti’s forthcoming debut album, which we’re thrilled to premiere exclusively on BULLETT: