Photo by Sarah Barrick 

Musical pioneers Earth are revered for their heavy hand in the doom drone genre. Founding man, lead singer, and guitarist, Dylan Carlson has remained consistent throughout Earth’s varied line-up over their twenty-years of production. After a brief hiatus, Carlson has returned with a new sound to create their seventh studio release, Angels of Darkness Demons of Light 1, out now on Southern Lord records. BULLETT.TV Director, Logan Jones, had the chance to speak briefly with Carlson at Earth’s recent performance in New York at Le Poisson Rouge. For future tour dates and contact information, visit Earth’s website here.

Logan Jones: What do the words “Wu-Tang Clan” mean to you?

Dylan Carlson: I like the soundtrack to Ghost Dog and the Old Dirty Bastard records but I’m not a big hip-hop fan usually.

Describe to me a day with out a cell phone.

I don’t have one, so that’s everyday.

Who do you make music for?

Wow, it has changed over the years. I think originally it was for revenge against all the douchebags in high school and then as I’ve aged and mellowed, it’s because I can’t do anything else. I’d be a hobo if it wasn’t for music. I think a lot of bands are started for revenge in the beginning.

How does your mom feel about your first album?

My mom has always been really supportive, I think she likes the newer stuff better but she’s always been there for us. My first band, which was horrible, for the shows she would drive the van with all the equipment and all our stuff. Pay my bail…

If your music was in an advertisement, what would the ad be for?

Oh man. I don’t know if I would want to be in an advertisement. Other than maybe a soundtrack for a motion picture, I don’t think I could do advertising.

If you could pick a genre of film to score the soundtrack to, what type of film would it be? Or do you have anyone in particular that you would like to be involved with?

My favorite director is Guillermo Del Toro, you know, Pan’s Labyrinth, so something like that would be a dream. I don’t know the directors name but that movie Centurion I really like, love to do something like that. Obviously if they could ever make ‘Blood Meridian’ as a movie, which it never will be made but…

If you could trade being a musician for any other line of work, what would you do?

I mean, I’d still play music regardless of what I did but, I don’t know, guess I’d probably still be in the food service industry…or crime.

Live video footage from Earth’s performance at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City, on June 16th.