Drunk Nate Silver and White People Mourning Romney Are Your Election Meme Winners


Drunk Nate Silver and White People Mourning Romney Are Your Election Meme Winners

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It can be hard to keep up with all of the memes that come tumbling out of the moldy lint shield of the internet, particularly during a hugely topical event like the election this week. That’s why we have content-curating blogs though, to look at what other blogs are saying are the main blog things, then to blog about them for people who don’t also look at those other blogs. So far there have been a million variations of the U MAD? meme, which, fine is kind of satisfying to see as a Democrat, but is also deeply unfunny at this point. Photos of Obama looking confident and saying “I got this” are likewise tiresome, and not unique to the election day coverage.

If we’re looking for two fresh-grown, free-range, locally-sourced memes to distill the essence of the fall out of the election night, then these two, Drunk Nate Silver, and White People Mourning Romney have to be the winners, the former because it’s hilarious, and the latter because it’s hilarious with an extra heaping of schadenfreude, which is the funniest type of all the freudes.

Drunk Nate Silver was, as most good memes are, accidentally invented by campaign consultant Dan Levitan last night, as Gawker’s Max Read points out.


He helped get the ball rolling from there himself. Naturally, as with any meme, there have been plenty of winners, and many, many more losers, all of which Nate Silver no doubt saw coming.


One thing none of us could have predicted is how satisfying it is to watch old white ladies crying.


Chicago Tribune


That’s what White People Mourning Romney has done. Not to mention regular white shit heads, rich people, confused teens, and all manner of other undesirable elements.




You can almost taste the tears of rage. To use another cliched meme:



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