Dozens Hospitalized at Avicii Concert Last Night In Boston


Dozens Hospitalized at Avicii Concert Last Night In Boston


Over 30 were taken to hospitals and some 50 more were treated for a series of medical conditions on Wednesday night at an Avicii concert at the TD Garden in Boston. The Boston Emergency Medical Service declared it a mass casualty incident, which, while it may be the technical term for those in the profession, certainly makes for a terrifying headline when you see it pop up in your news feed.

A combination of heat, dehydration, and drug use likely lead to many of the concert-goers needing medical attention.

“You couldn’t breathe if you were on the floor,” one attendee told the Boston Globe. “It was the best and worst time ever.”

Boston police say there may have been illicit drugs involved, but it wasn’t clear as of yet.

Earlier this month two people at the Electric Daisy Carnival festival in Las Vegas died. Las Vegas police said there were 250 medical calls during the first night of the event alone, according to Rolling Stone.

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I previously published a piece on here about how to not die from taking molly, but it’s getting harder and harder to think anything besides “Don’t do ‘molly'” is the answer.

Last night Avicii, aka Tim Bergline, tweeted the following: “Just hearing the awful news abt tonight. Its a terrible thing, I rly hope everyone is ok! My thoughts go to those affected & their families.”

Photo by Alex Wessely