February 2, 2013

Great news for long-suffering fans of the My Bloody Valentine, and for whoever it was who registered the Who Is My Bloody Valentine Tumblr we’re going to be obligation-sharing tomorrow, because the trailblazing Irish shoegaze band has just released its first new album in twenty years. “The album is now live on Www.mybloodyvalentine.org” the band wrote on their Facebook page exactly 53 minutes ago, give or take how much time it takes you to read this blog post. And if you don’t think that there isn’t some obsessed fan out there wondering what that initial capital in the Www meaaaaannnnss, then you don’t know how ridiculous music dorks are when it comes to the quintessential music dork band.

Sadly, it appears the site’s servers are overwhelmed at the moment, so I haven’t been able to listen to it yet and tell you what I think which is a thing you could conceivably be interested in under certain conditions.There’s currently a petition that was just started on WhiteHouse.gov to “make the My Bloody Valentine website work again”, which reads “Whereas the My Bloody Valentine website isn’t working and there’s a new record on it, we the people hereby petition the Obama administration to make it work again.” What was that I was saying about music dorks again?

Here’s the best Tweet about the surprise weekend release so far from Grantland’s Steven Hyden: “My Bloody Valentine knew My Bloody Valentine fans wouldn’t already have plans tonight.”

On the plus side the overflow of traffic on the site’s servers gives me a little more time to waver back and forth in the same argument I’m having in my head right now as all the other music bloggers in the world: whether or not pretending to <3 it way more than it deserves or to h8 it aggressively and unduly will have a more positive impact on my own specific personal brand in the social media marketplace.

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