December 12, 2012

Dora Budor and Maja Cule, the artist duo that brought Vitamin Vajazzlers, The Salmon Skin Durag, and Air Purifying Bongs to stores everywhere (read: art galleries), will open a solo show, Body Surfing, Thursday, December 13th at Stadium Gallery in Chelsea. We caught up with the NYC-based Croatian expats back in October, whose previous work has been known to give the middle finger to consumer culture, art culture, media culture. Virtually nothing is immune to their sharp wit, black humor and arresting visual aesthetic.

For their most recent endeavor, Knock-Off, Dora + Maja trained mixed martial arts fighters from Berlin to perform Jean Claude van Damme’s action film Knock Off (1998). The performance was simultaneously filmed and projected in front of a green screen, trivializing Hollywood’s love affair with the remake and the authenticity of the “Mockbuster.” They then brought the performance to Croatia and Norway, re-casted with local fighters, to uncover the differences of violence mentality across cultures.

Dora + Maja are known for their concoction of critique and entertainment, with previous work including an iPhone vibration spa treatment installation and the chilling film, Porcelain, which introduces a game of basketball to mock Chinese Ming vases a la Ai Weiwei. However, unlike their never-sorry contemporary, Dora + Maja’s art gives a symbolic middle finger for them, resulting in work that’s critical but unapologetically entertaining.

So while you’re waiting for the arrival of your rainbow trout skin iPod Touch case in time for the holidays, stop by Dora + Maja’s Body Surfing at Stadium Gallery, 548 W. 28th St. Suite 636. The opening reception is from 6 to 9, and rumor has it there will be stacks of BULLETT’s Surreal Issue floating around the gallery.

D+M BodySurfing @ Stadium from Dora+Maja on Vimeo

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