Donald Trump’s Offensively Large Shoulder Pads Are SO Balenciaga


Donald Trump’s Offensively Large Shoulder Pads Are SO Balenciaga


At this point in (history’s most painful) presidential election, tuning into Clinton vs. Trump debates has little to do with hearing pressing issues and more to do with seeking mindless entertainment—perhaps why last night’s heated parley shattered engagement records for both Facebook and Twitter.

Though fashion is rarely of interest with our presidential hopefuls—leave Clinton’s viral kitten heels—Trump certainly impressed last night with his confident shoulder pads—not unlike what Herman Munster would’ve worn in the ’60s. Many were quick to insult the Pussy Grabber’s corporate look, but those fools have clearly overlooked the season’s most coveted silhouette, conceived by fashion’s favorite designer, Demna Gvasalia, for Balenciaga.

Trump may spew incessant garbage and as Clinton oft says, “live in an alternate reality,” but thankfully the adult Oompa Loompa’s stylist pays attention to what’s happening in the real world—or at least on VogueRunway.

Balenciaga Menswear Spring Summer 2017 Collection in Paris

Balenciaga Spring ’17 Mens

Trump’s look first landed during Balenciaga’s spring ’17 menswear presentation this summer, when Gvasalia revived one of Cristóbal Balenciaga’s own coats and used that silhouette to inform an entire lineup of Frankenstein-imbued, linebacker-ready tailoring. “I wanted to push it,” the designer told Vogue, celebrating the architectural possibilities of menswear and dramatizing traditional pieces to new structured extremes.

unknown-1Balenciaga Spring ’17 Mens

With Balenciaga’s spring ’17 womenswear collection, Gvasalia maintained Trump’s preferred shape, but amplified it using a whalebone rod across the shoulders of suit jackets and leather trenches. This polarizing look is truly aimed for extremists, which is fitting for a presidential candidate that kickstarted his campaign by first boasting about divisive plans to “build a wall” along the Mexican border—”extreme” is an understatement.

unknown-2 Balenciaga Spring ’17 Womens

So while Trump’s hands may be abnormally small, as famously accused by Republican hopeful Marco Rubio, his shoulder pads certainly overcompensate—and with Gvasalia’s indirect aesthetic stamp of approval, which is the only unstoppable “stamp” in fashion today. Let’s just hope Donald “Dickface” Trump can be stopped.