January 15, 2013

Donald Glover is best known for his role as Troy Barnes, a goofy and endearing member of the odd-ball gang that dominate Greendale Community College. But prior to the return of the 4th season of Community, you can catch Glover in some compromising, and decidedly HBO-worthy moments on the season two premier of Girls. He plays Sandy, Hannah’s (Lena Dunham) new “non” boyfriend, who gives Dunham even more reasons to take off her clothes throughout the 20-minute episode. Like much of Girls, the dynamic of their relationship has the gritty and uncomfortably real element of coupling for twenty-somethings: detached attachment. Here, in a video from the vault Glover rifts with BULLETT (and an inanimate ghoul) to reveal his multifaceted comic stylings and tendency to hold a grudge.

Donald Glover from BULLETT MEDIA on Vimeo.

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