February 21, 2013

Those who complain about office life might do well to remember that there are plenty of jobs requiring more of a grind than a lengthy subway commute and a stiff chair—such as that of being a security guard, which places you pretty low on the totem pole of people taken seriously by jerkoff teenagers. There are ways to alleviate the everyday routine, though, as the video for Disclosure’s “White Noise,” a delicate, zipping dance track that also features AlunaGeorge, explores. The premise is simple: A security guard gets to work (in what appears to be Detroit, though I’ll let the fact checkers confirm that one), but spends a lot of his day dancing in and around the abandoned warehouses he’s presumably supposed to keep watch over. There’s a wan look or two exchanged with a female co-worker, but more important is the release of not getting too bogged down in one’s work—not when you can stage a one-man rave around town. It’s really a nice clip.

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