DIIV, Tumblr Art Symposium, Sky Ferreira Naked Women Remember the 90s? Hashtag


DIIV, Tumblr Art Symposium, Sky Ferreira Naked Women Remember the 90s? Hashtag


Woops, should have put a comma between “Sky Ferreira” and “Naked” up there, but since you’re already here, let’s talk. Earlier this week Hyperallergic and Tumblr announced that they will be presenting “The World’s First Tumblr Art Symposium,” described as “part discussion and part exhibition, explor[ing] the fast evolving artistic landscape of Tumblr.”

Why is Tumblr a medium that is increasingly being used by artists? What does Tumblr contribute to the creative process? These and many other questions will be explored during the March 9 evening conference that invites artists, writers, curators, art enthusiasts, and others to discuss the wondrous world of art on Tumblr.

You can read all about the paradigm shifts and aesthetics of one thing or another over there, but I think everyone involved could probably save a lot of time by just setting up a screen on the side of a Tumblr-y looking brick building and showing this new video, “Wait,” from DIIV, and calling it a day.

What is the Tumblr aesthetic? It’s all on display here in the video:

Remembering the ’90s

Naked women remembering the ’90s

Kurt Cobain

Overexposed film


Over exposed pubic hair

Short shorts

Fish eye kaleidoscope

Washed out rainbows, beaches, city skylines, framing a street shot with building brackets, bridges, fire escapes

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreria bed head

Eye ball closeups

Waist-high skirt, no shirt

Crying #selfie

Cigarette symbolism

Over-sized t-shirt

Hot gay dudes making out





Driving on a bridge underneath, like, some clouds


What if reverb looked like something, what would it look like?

The sun, always the fucking sun doing things

Simulacrum of a misremembered day dream

Nostalgia ouroboros

Think that about covers it. What time do you guys need me to show up for my lecture?


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