January 18, 2013

Did you know that the popular Fox television program Glee often records cover songs of popular hits in folksy, school-chorus arrangements and then sells them to idiots? I bet you did. Where do they get them from, though? Probably a team of talented composers and arrangers in the employ of the giant company Fox, right? Probably that.

Or maybe they just steal them from the internet, as seems to be the case with this version of “Baby Got Back”, the Sir Mix-A-Lot classic, they just posted today.

Ho ho, isn’t that clever, a ribald rap song done in a soulful, banjo-plucking fashion. But wait, what’s that bit about “Johnny C’s in trouble” at 2:16? Who’s Johnny C now?  He’s this guy, who recorded the exact same arrangement of the song a few years ago.

The popular internet and tech-culture songwriter, known for his hits (google.com > Johnathan Coulton + “popular songs”), is not too happy about it on Twitter right now, and neither are his 93k followers.

Of course, Glee has over 1.7m followers, so according to the laws of Twitter, that means they’re automatically in the right. Twitter law is tough, but fair.

I’d say stay tuned to see how this story unfolds, but, between you and me, I’m probably going to forget about it in a few minutes. Hope it works out for Jonathan Coulton though, he seems like a funny guy.

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