Did Kanye West Just Become A Nice Guy?!


Did Kanye West Just Become A Nice Guy?!


Something weird is happening today… do you feel it? Yes, that cosmic shift is narcissistic, obnoxious, unsmiling, award-speech-interrupting, $2000-ripped-up-sweater-making Kanye West becoming a nice guy.

It all started with Ye releasing his new track, “Real Friends,” the first in the rapper’s resurrected “G.O.O.D. Fridays” series, in which he releases new music each and every Friday (he did the same for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy). Presumably this time around the series will culminate in his highly anticipated album, Swish (wifey Kim Kardashian included #Swish in her tweet about it). Today’s drop also featured a tease of “No More Parties,” his first collab with Kendrick Lamar. Bestowing your fans with free music to stream every Friday? That’s a pretty nice thing to do, but that in itself does not make Kanye a nice guy. Don’t worry, there’s more.

The rapper didn’t dig the sound quality of the track when it was initially uploaded, as he explains in this tweet:

Then he goes and does something totally cray:

If this is a genuine tweet (and it seems like it is) Kanye West is being a totally polite nice guy to the very folks that rip his music. He said “please,” people! Kanye West said please! OK, not convinced by the new Nice Guy West? Don’t worry, there’s more.

As its name suggests, “Real Friends” consists of musings about what it means to be a true friend versus a fake one, but more than that, it consists of Kanye looking back on the times he wasn’t a Real Friend. He talks about being a “deadbeat cousin” and “drinkin’ at communion.” He talks about forgetting birthdays and being a hurry. He talks about “always blaming you but what’s sad you’re not the problem.” All this phenomenal self-awareness has prepped Kanye to go full blown nice guy. All he has to do is stop doing all the things he mentions right there in the song.

But the number one Nice Guy thing Kanye West did today? Guys, CHECK THIS OUT:

It’s like something my aunt would post, or, as many twitter uses have been quick to point out, a dad.


Either Kanye is starting his presidential run early or the birth of Saint really has softened his cold, narcissistic heart (sorry North, you did not receive that honor, but I’m sure all that baby Balmain serves as some consolation). Either way, I’m totally into this guy. And I will have a nice weekend, thanks Kanye!