Designer Cody Ross of Priestess NYC


Designer Cody Ross of Priestess NYC


What emotions and feelings do you want to convey to people when they see and wear Priestess NYC?

Priestess NYC is a fashion brand based on directional themes and ‘kitsch counterculture.’ Since the aesthetic is infused with quirky and provocative themes (like digital prints of sperm formations and subliminal stuff) the goal is to make consumers feel like it appeals to their ultra-niche (often extreme) point of view.

Priestess NYC clothes are extremely fashion-forward and edgy, and exude a sense of individualism and ferocity. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Generally the inspiration comes from pop-cultural themes, art, high-end tailoring and unorthodox construction. Uniforms, medical equipment and classical geometry are big influences and of course I’m always trying to make the looks more appealing and innovative.

Do you find that your past life as portfolio manager (and your experience at the London School of Economics) informs the design process?

Working in finance provides a great overview of how to manage risk. There are lessons to be had from working as an analyst/trader and they definitely can be applied to making products (clothing in this case) or managing a business. The LSE was an invaluable learning experience and I apply what I learned there to life, design or otherwise.

If you could pick one ultimate muse for Priestess NYC who would it be?

Ginta Lapina—she’s so cool!

Please define “properly bonkers.”

Ha,ha it’s basically slang for unexpectedly crazed, mad or ultra-weird/cool. I say it all the time and I should probably stop!

What’s on your radar right now?

I’m loving the architecture and interior design concepts by Japanese super-star, Toyo Ito! He creates ‘virtual worlds’ for living and I’m really inspired! I’m also obsessed with Korean design sensation Kaal E. Suktae! Oh, and I’m loving Brittany Kubat’s mega-cool photography!

Visit Cody’s website here.