DENM’s ‘Dreamhouse’ EP is the Soundtrack to the Best and Weirdest Party You’ve Seen


DENM’s ‘Dreamhouse’ EP is the Soundtrack to the Best and Weirdest Party You’ve Seen


There’s party music, and then there’s music for a party you’re not exactly sure you’re supposed to be at. It’s going off, and everyone is losing their shit, but there’s a sense in the air that something weird could go down at any time.

That’s the place the music of DENM takes me to on his new EP Dreamhouse. The title is apt, as there’s a relentless energy to the tracks that pauses here and there to spiral into eddies of noise and swirling effects, as on “Lit” and “Green.”

We asked the California garage-pop artist to take us track-by-track through the EP, out August 26. Listen to it first here, below.


Honestly I was just messing around at my manager’s house with some new ideas that didn’t fit the vibe of the band I’m in. So I played him this sort of deep house idea that I was messing with, and I guess it felt good, because after that I decided to try doing a solo project as an experiment, really going more after a cool pop vibe.It became more than just an experiment that turned into this EP, and I’m already working on the next one and plan to release a trilogy of EPs.

“Under Pressure”

Literally made this song in the same day as “Lit.” Thats why the EP is called Dreamhouse: I was trying to make this dreamy house music with soul / R&B vibes. But this song, lyrically, comes from a very real place for me. I was struggling a lot with depression at the time and it was a very real declaration for me to sing about “no more depression.” Just basically declaring that over myself so that it could manifest into my reality. It’s a daily battle, but I have had my head above water for some time now, and it feels amazing.


When I decided that DENM was a real project, worth going after and all, this was the first song I made with the idea of longevity. I tried to incorporate more trap influence and really tried to showcase my falsetto. Then adding some flows in the 2nd verse to just say, “hey, I’m not a DJ or just a pop singer… but a versatile artist.” If you couldn’t tell, the song’s about the girl of my dreams. High school sweetheart, if you will. She’s got green eyes. 🙂

“I Like It”

This one’s about when I lived in Hawaii. It was like a tropical delirium living over there. Hopefully you “like it.” This one’s supposed to trip you out a little… so just let go, cut loose, and enjoy.

“The Feeling”

Picture the movie The Birdcage: the nightclub, people dancing all night to these feel good anthems. That’s the vibe I was going for – 80s / 90s house music that is super sing-along ready and just nothing but good vibes. I hope you find yourself dancing and singing along to this one. I had a lot of fun making it.