This Definitely Real App Pooper Is Like Uber For Dog Poop


This Definitely Real App Pooper Is Like Uber For Dog Poop


I’ve never been a dog person myself, and one of the primary reasons is I don’t feel the urge to walk around with a little baggie full of shit in my hand every day for 15 or so years until the dang little cutie shit machine passes away. Some people are into that, which is cool, no judgment. But if I were a dog person, I would consider using this new app Pooper, which is definitely real.

It’s like Uber, but for dog shit, in short, as they explain, in very real, and in no way joking language:

Introducing Pooper, the latest app to push the boundaries of the sharing economy. Pooper finds people nearby to pick up your dog’s poop for you. Just tap the app and your dog’s poop is geolocated. Then it finds someone nearby to scoop it up. You can see a pic of your scooper, their vehicle details and even can track their arrival on the map. Not only that, but you get a confirmation letting you know when your dog’s poop has been scooped. And payment is fully automated. So you never have to waste time waiting around. Letting you focus on what really matters – you and your dog.

Here’s how it works:

1. Snap A Pic

After your dog poops, just open the app and snap a pic.

2. A Quick Tap

Tap “Request a Scoop” to drop a pin and a Scooper will be sent to your location.

3. That’s it.

Really, you can leave. You’ll get a confirmation once your dog’s poop has been scooped.

You can also sign up to become a scooper. And since most jobs basically consist of cleaning up other people’s shit for low pay, you’re probably already qualified to do it.

Unfortunately, the site says it’s currently still in beta testing in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles only, but I have no doubt it will be coming to your city very soon. No doubt at all.