Danish Producer Siba Takes Us Through 8 Influential Tracks, from Ariana Grande to Mew and Anohni


Danish Producer Siba Takes Us Through 8 Influential Tracks, from Ariana Grande to Mew and Anohni


Oh his most recent release FruitsSiba lays out a slightly twisted and whimsical but no less felt version of electro disco that seems to pull influence from all over the musical map. We asked the 24 year old Copenhagen producer and artist, who has written for Charli XCX, among others, to put together a playlist for us comprised of some of his favorite and more influential tracks by artists he admires and explain their influence on his music.



Kenton Slash Demon ­”Untitled 3″


“I am a very very big fan of Kenton Slash Demon, and this in my opinion is some of the best coming out of Denmark. What I really appreciate about them is the way they’re not bound by a certain sound as I personally see in a lot of producer groups especially within the techno genre. Their music is always progressing in a real honest way, and on top of that they’re just extremely talented, technically. They just put out this segment from their live show, which both musically and visually is amazing. But I suggest to everyone to listen through all of their stuff.”


Secret of Mana Soundtrack



“This game was before my time, so I never played it myself. But I learned about the game’s soundtrack many years ago by a friend and I think it’s really amazing. This one in particular because of the way the emotion in the melody and how it works so well in a 5/4 count. Also, I really enjoy listening to these kinda game soundtracks because the ‘writing’ itself is really timeless.”


Mew ­ “Special”



“So, Mew was kinda that band everyone listened to when I was around 14-­15. That was the point I was playing in a band, and I really think this band and their way of writing has had an impact on me, subconsciously at least. I just started listening through their stuff and realized how amazing it is, and how I can see some similarities in the stuff that I’m doing for my next release. I love the kinda tough and really hard strummed guitar sound.”


Ariana Grande ­ “One Last Time”



“Max Martin is very big inspiration, and is to a lot of people, and since he has so many incredible songs, it was kinda hard choosing which one to post. When I was a kid I was a very big Backstreet Boys fan, collecting fan cards, and trying to look as much as Aaron Carter as possible, so the stuff Max Martin has been involved in has had an influence on me from then and still does. I choose this number instead of a Backstreet Boys tune because I wanted to show something that has had a more direct impact on my music.”


Superheroes ­ “What’s Going On”


“This is another Danish band listened to a lot growing up. Well this Igloo album mostly. I am big fan of Thomas Troelsen, who is the front singer in the band, and the work he does, both then and now. He’s an amazing songwriter and has does some amazing stuff especially in the Korean scene working with Shines and Girls Nation which I suggest everyone check outs too. It’s very ‘big’ pop and I really like it, and you can clearly hear Thomas’s writing in those tunes.”


Anohni ­ “Watch Me”



“I’ve been following Anohni (fka Antony) since I went to Gymnasium when a friend’s mom first told me about her. I’ve always loved her voice and way of singing. So I’ve been looking forward to this body of work so much. This album has been really inspiring to me, both in its aesthetic and sound, but also in the way her lyrics are so direct where nothing is hidden in weird sentences. To me it’s a record that makes me reconsider what I do and how I do it. Those albums are the ones I love the most.”


Angelique Kidjo ­ “Agolo”


“I wanted to include something I could remember being played in my childhood home. Music has always been played around my parents’ place, but since neither of them are musicians, there has never been a redline or a specific genre being played. It was just about whatever tunes were good whether it was american mega pop, or some Danish rock band. I think that has had big impact on how I listen to music too, and I try to stay as honest about music as I can.”


Hudson Mohawke ­ “Speed Stick”



“Finally I wanted to put in a Hudson Mohawk track cause he has been a huge influence on me and my sound. ‘Butter’ especially, as it is my all time favorite album and I can’t tell how many times I’ve listened to it (and still do). The thing about Hudson is that he has a sound that is not just made of what kinda of sound he uses, but he has a very certain sonic identity which is one of the most important things for me when I listen to music. I think he’s one of this generation’s most important producers and he has played a huge roll in why the music scenes looks and sounds how it is now.”