November 19, 2013

Not sure if being the son of the most revered film actors of a generation qualifies you for “stoop kid” status, although Gabe Day makes his case for it in this video for his song “Green Auras.” The son of Daniel Day-Lewis is likely to come in for all sorts of mockery for having the gall to try to do a thing he likes while being guilty of the crime of not being poor, but if we’re going to judge every musician for having well-off parents it’s going to be pretty slim pickings out here in the music media world.

Plus, let’s not kid ourselves: is this really any worse than any of the other hundreds of Mac Miller-wave knockoffs out there up to and including Mac Miller? That sax line is kind of hot, too. And as much as we really want to, we can’t be mad at lines like this one:

“Call me Gabe Day, and not Gabe Day-Lewis, because if you’re tryna call me out I’m bout to Gabe Day lose it.  I know what my name is, and shit I know what fame is, judging someone for their dad is just as bad as being racist.”

Wait, we started this thought-process before we got to the end of the couplet where he compares the expectations on the rich and famous to being an oppressed minority. Alright, fine, go ahead and hate on this guy. (h/t Noisey)

Day is a student at Sarah Lawrence.

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