Daimorf Collaborates with Swedish Fashion Arena AMAZE Bazaar


Daimorf Collaborates with Swedish Fashion Arena AMAZE Bazaar


Photography: Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn

We first introduced you to gender-fluid label Daimorf through designer Olivia Galov’s textural AW ’15 lookbook, and she’s since brought her collection overseas to present at AMAZE Bazaar’s biannual fashion show in Sweden.

Founded by artist Cornelia Blom and stylist Nicole Walker, AMAZE is an experimental arena aimed at showcasing the freshest names in fashion, this time highlighting Nhorm and Minna Palmqvist alongside NY-based Daimorf.

Featuring set design by Sara Forsberg and styling by Galov, Daimorf’s showcase was a haunting collision of ancient aesthetics with subtle, post-apocalytic elements. We caught up with the rising designer to talk about all things Stockholm and inspiration.

On presenting in Stockholm:

“I chose to do this presentation in Stockholm rather than NYC once Cornelia and Nicole came to me with the opportunity to participate. I had seen their previous presentations for Amaze and respect both of them as strong and creative females working in fashion today. I also liked the thought of expanding Daimorf to another audience and not keeping it limited to a NYC-only label.”

On the show: 

“The presentation was raw and earthy, keeping in line with my initial inspirations for the collection. I wanted to have an ancient feel, exploring a lot of leather ties and metal grommets. I definitely had Xena Warrior Princess in mind. Combined with some of the denim and plaid looks, that idea blended with Mad Max, post-apocalyptic elements. This came naturally through the design process, but sticks in line with the classic Daimorf idea of duality, combining the two extremes—ancient world to distant future—into one fluid collection.”

On inspiration: 

“The show took place in a beautiful castle-like space over a bridge and off a cobblestone road. Huge windows flooded the venue, which included three large rooms. From backstage, the models walked through the first two large rooms to the end room where the Daimorf set was. It was set up theater-style, with a big wood floor, and second story lining the walls. Models walked down a runway made up entirely of thick green leaves, to the backdrop woven out of destroyed canvas, which projected a volcano repeatedly spilling bright red lava. The models, positioned on various logs began to take apart the set, made of sticks and other natural elements, and scattered them among the crowd. Keeping in mind the initial inspirations, the runway made of leaves and natural set made the ancient element come to life.”

On being NY-based: 

“I love working primarily in New York, and the support I have from peers here, but it was exciting to branch out to other places and work with new people I respect just as much. Everyone who worked on the show was so helpful and talented. The other designers, including Nhorm and Minna Palmqvist, were very inspiring and I know they’ll be doing big things that won’t go unnoticed outside of Sweden, as well.”