June 4, 2012

With so much trivial and mind-numbing fare dominating the web, sometimes a good long read is hard to find. Thankfully, we’re here to steer you in the direction of higher thinking with a selection of thoughtful and well-written pieces that promise to devour at least eight minutes of your endless work day.

Today’s highlights:

-So many books about motherhood: Diane Johnson weighs in at the New York Review of Books.

-J. Hoberman and Zadie Smith are there, too, talking about westerns and libraries, respectively.

-Simon Wincester talks about the influence of the explorer Jan Morris on his travel writing.

-Marco Kaye writes The World’s First and Only Completely Honest Resume of a Graphic Designer at McSweeney’s. And it’s pretty damn accurate.

-Everybody’s favorite cultural commentator, Slavoj Žižek (of the film, Žižek!) on the troubles in Greece.

-Simon Pegg interviewed at Oh Comely magazine.

-The New York Times asks, why do we fear Mormons?

-The brilliant Naomi Wolf considers the changing nature of rom-coms.

-A survey of election art from Brain Pickings’ Maria Popova.

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