Cyber69 Shares an Exclusive BULLETT Mixtape Ahead of His SXSW Set


Cyber69 Shares an Exclusive BULLETT Mixtape Ahead of His SXSW Set


Photography: Yulya Shadrinsky
Model: Cyber69
Wardrobe: OFF WHITE fall ’16

Throughout the past two years, Cyber69 has carved a reputation of his own as an Internet-bred DJ to watch. Armed with a computer programming background, he quickly caught the attention of BEEN TRILL‘s Heron Preston to collaborate on a mixtape, and soon after, debuted his first DJ set in front of an audience at Yeezus’ after party. 69 has since been hailed for his own sense of style, having modeling for Virgil Abloah‘s OFF WHITE label among others—all this happening after a single Instagram shoutout from Preston.

Scheduled to play at SXSW this week, we asked 69 to create an exclusive BULLETT Mixtape ahead of his gig. Listen, below, and read the producer’s thoughts on Toronto, Russia’s Facebook and NASASEASONS.



How would you describe living in Toronto to homeland Russia?

Toronto is a good city to be based. It has a great scene and [is] easy to travel from. Based here, I’ve started to build my life on how I want it to be. Russia is my home with its culture and inspirations. However, there’s nothing to compare both lifestyles on; there’s a gap in understanding youth culture. Kids are creating their own scene with no sponsorship or support. Parties are underground and grimy. Russia is a few years behind, but there are still groups of people who know what’s good and have a vision they are bringing up. Of course I miss my home—I don’t really have time to visit my family enough. Maybe in few years I will move to Moscow so I can be with my girlfriend and spend time connecting East and West. It doesn’t really matter where I live to be honest. Every city is fairly interesting to me—traveling is essential.

You have a long-standing affiliation with OFF WHITE and BEEN TRILL. How would you describe your relationship?

That’s the family, long story short, Heron Preston commented on my Instagram [saying], ‘We want to work with you on a mixtape.’ We did it and became Internet friends. After that I started traveling, and we met in real life. The first time I met Virgil was at Yeezus’ afterparty. These things happen when real recognize real. They are my big brothers. There are many people talking about repping the youth, but not many actually do. I would like to help young kids that I find interesting, too. OFF WHITE is my favourite brand regardless of the fact that I know Virgil. If you wear it right, it’s high street fashion.

Have you always been attracted to fashion?

Nowadays, the fashion world is starting to focus more on youth culture. I would rather say I’ve always had an eye for style. It’s your main projection of self-expression—this is about how you live your life. The way you dress attracts your lifestyle. People like Kanye, Virgil and Ian are changing the game—opening up doors. Now kids with cool style have the ability to make money off it.

How do you describe your sound? 

There are many waves in my sets. I like to mix contrast things: tribal and future, underground and pop, juke and gospel. There are many edits and remixes in my collection because it somehow takes people away from [their] comfort zones and creates a moment. I get my music from, a better Russian Facebook. Sometimes I swap tracks with other DJs; Playing back-to-back sets with other DJs is my favorite sport.

You’re playing SXSW this year. What can we expect from your set?

Thanks to Brandon Johnson and Shaleeta Pendleton, my Philly friends, for hooking it up. I [haven’t] put out new mixes in a long time, so I’ve decided to show my up-to-date vision of party music for festivals. I recorded a mix for SXSW at my studio in Toronto.

Who’s your favorite designer, right now?

I support all my friends who create. Virgil is taking it to the next level, hands down. Heron Preston’s pieces are perfect [additions] to my wardrobe. It’s amazing how accurate he chose his work—СТИЛЬ. In Russia you say ‘style’ as a synonym to cool [or] dope. CutByKira is a very handsome brand from Toronto that people should know about. I love LA vibes and appreciate friends Tom Rich, Shane Gonzales and Guillermo.

Do you have any new projects in the works? 

I’m doing collaboration with a young brand NASASEASONS. They’ve already established a name, here. There will be a limited number of hats available in select stores [and] it comes out March 15.