NYFW: Creatures of Comfort Designer Jade Lai Goes Wild and West


NYFW: Creatures of Comfort Designer Jade Lai Goes Wild and West


When guests entered Pier 59 for Creatures of Comfort’s spring 2015 show, they were transported into a virtual safari, thanks to the totem poles and mosquito nets that were scattered about the space. That’s because the label’s designer, Jade Lai, wanted to evoke the feeling of going into the wild. The starting point for the collection was the work of the late abstract expressionist artist Agnes Martin, who lived in Taos, New Mexico. “I’ve known of her forever,” said Lai. Martin’s influence could be seen on the lines, textures and pastel palette of the collection. “I was very inspired by pastel colors and provincial lifestyle and moving to the desert and kind of going to the new frontier,” said Lai.

Indie band IO Echo provided a live soundtrack as the models walked down the runway in chic cowboy hats, and everything about the collection was comfortable, functional and laid back — just as the label’s name implies, and presumably like Martin’s Southwestern lifestyle. The types of airy materials — sheer cotton, cotton twill, linen and silk linen — suitable for warmer weather months, were prevalent in the form of big trenches, loose jumpsuits and voluminous pants. A quiet print featuring cactus flora was seen throughout, and one shirt had a painterly feel that looked like one of Martin’s canvases but was actually woven and embroidery fabric. One white vest dress could even be worn two ways — as a simple minimalist silhouette, and a button-up vest the other way. Pockets were aplenty, perfect for a woman on the go, as was the fringe that embellished the garments. Lai also debuted two new bag designs that are little pouches that can be added and removed as necessary.

And the woman who Lai designed the collection for? “She’s a very worldly woman,” said Lai. “She’s been around the world but doesn’t really belong to one specific place, but she always feels at home. She is kind of ageless, but also an old soul. She is confident and smart and beautiful, and she’s also busy working. She’s one of those people that know what they want and is busy working towards it.”

Those who are familiar with Creatures of Comfort know that it’s also a bi-coastal retail haven for easy, smart and stylish clothing and Lai said that she hopes to open more stores dedicated exclusively to the in-house line in the near future. But for now, Lai and her team are going to enjoy a relaxing weekend off now that all their fashion week chaos is over.

See the collection below, from a runway POV.



















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