Collaborative Series ‘Together’ Introduces Range of Never-Ending Objects


Collaborative Series ‘Together’ Introduces Range of Never-Ending Objects


Italian creative practice Mathery Studio produces work by assessing the everyday and subverting these norms with pragmatism and humor—an approach that simultaneously critiques function and praises fun. Their latest series, Together, does just this, introducing a range of seven never-ending objects, each designed by Mathery and realized by a different international fashion brand.

Mathery applied the concept of “union” onto their lineup of accessories and garments, so they’d all embody the antithesis of themselves. “We delighted in putting on the most stylish non-walking shoes in the world, and shopping with a bag unable to hold anything you throw in it,” Mathery said. Since function is intentionally ignored, here, the result removes fashion from its common context and analyzes clothing as objects, ripe for interpretation. See all seven, below:

Workwear Shirt For Two | Marios (Milan)

Together_Matheryproject 1

Kangaroo Sweater | Kloke (Melbourne) 

Together_Matheryproject 3

One Shoes M&W | Charles Philip Shanghai (Shanghai) 

Together_Matheryproject 2

Connected Gloves | DEGEN (New York City) 

Together_Matheryproject 4

Loop Denim Pants | 69US (Los Angeles) 

Together_Matheryproject final

360 Degrees Cap | Superduper Hats (Florence)

Together_Matheryproject 5

Continuous Bag | FFIXXED (Hong Kong)

Together_Matheryproject 6

Production, Photography, Art Direction & Set Design: Mathery
Stylist: Francesca Crippa
Stylist Assistant: Giulia Marica
HMUA: Serena Congiu
Models: Federico, Malcom & Annabianca (Wonderwall MGMT)