November 7, 2012

Hahah, what? How did we miss this? Apparently sloshing Sprite bottle of vodka Skrillex collaborated with the surviving members of the classic rock band The Doors on a track earlier this year called “Breakn’ A Sweat.” Seems like that’s the sort of thing that would have caught our attention, if not as music fans, then at least as hacky internet comedians. Kind of fell asleep at the switch here. Nonetheless, here’s our chance to revel in its high concept contrasting glory once again, because they’ve released a video for the track directed by Radical Friend.

If you didn’t know otherwise, you might simply assume this was another Skrillex track, but once the doors of perception have been opened for you, if you will, it actually starts to make sense. I mean, not zombie androids riding jet skis on an apocalyptic ocean sense, but close enough; the typical Skrillex looping key lead already sounds like it might have been pulled from Ray Manzarek’s sinister back of tricks anyway, doesn’t it? And the video itself is a not-so-subtle allusion to “Riders on the Storm,” although I don’t think there were any mechanical sharks in the original The Doors track, but who the hell could tell what Morrison was talking about half the time.  In case you missed either of those connections, there’s a rather more direct “Come on baby light my fire!” vocal mixed in to really hammer it home, and guitarist Robby Krieger chips in with a Skrillexian guitar riff as well. The whole thing sounds like a zombie outlaw cyborg giving birth to a furious monster baby from inside her glass womb, which makes sense, because that’s exactly what happens in the video.

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