Identical Twins Coco and Breezy Make Art Out of Eyewear


Identical Twins Coco and Breezy Make Art Out of Eyewear


Identical twins Coco and Breezy are the founders of their own eponymous New sunglasses and accessory label. The New York-based designers, who’ve been featured in publications like Cosmo, Nylon, and the New York Times, have had their sleek, geometric eyewear cover the famous retinas of names like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce. Recently we had the chance to interview about celebrities wearing their designs, goals for the future, and how they’ve evolved.

How did you guys first get started?
We had the idea in 2009. When we were younger, living in Minnesota we got bullied a lot and some people didn’t understand our style so we used sunglasses as a show to protection. We always knew we wanted to be businesswoman so as soon as we had the idea we just executed it.

What about NYC excites you guys the most?
Everything! You can get inspired just by walking down the street in NYC.

How do you guys find out that celebrities are wearing your designs?
We have our PR Director that lets us know but social media and the Internet is crazy. Sometimes we have no idea and we see a picture of a celebrity wearing our design and we’re like, “Oh cool I didn’t know that”

What was the coolest experience you’ve ever booked in your career so far?
Last weekend we got the call that Prince wanted to meet us. It happened so fast he flew us out to New Orleans. He invited us to come on stage with him in front of forty-five thousand people. We got the chance to spend some quality time with him. It was the craziest experience we’ve had.

Why do you think eyewear is such an important accessory to your outfit?
When you put on glasses that’s enough a piece to make you look like you’re fashionable. And we feel like sunglasses give you a level of self-love and confidence.

Do you think you guys have evolved in terms of design since you first started?
Oh for sure. It’s all a learning process. We started off designing our own original designs and after that it went to us paying more attention to the quality and fit. So every time we have a new collection we always try to improve ourselves design-wise. We try to make it more universal but still have our signature style. So it’s always evolving, which is amazing.

How would you describe your design/personal aesthetic?
I think our personal aesthetic is definitely geometric. We like a lot of black and white and abstract line work. It definitely represents us as artists. We don’t even like to call ourselves fashion designers, we call ourselves artists. Our eyewear is just another medium to our art.

Some twins have opposite personalities, so I’m just wondering do you guys ever disagree on each others design ideas?
All the time. I have to admit that Coco has a better eye than I do. I’m purely an artist but Coco has a really great aesthetic and so a lot of times I’d be very passionate about an eye wear design that I create and Coco she’ll like see all the details that should be changed. She definitely pays attention to detail more than I do. I make great items, but she makes amazing items.

What is your biggest goal right now for the future?
Our top goal right now is to expand our product line. And now we started doing glasses with optical frames so that’s our next step that we want to get more into.

Who are some of your favorite young designers in NYC right now?
Wow, there’s so many. Brittany Sade, she’s a footwear designer, she’s awesome. Sir New York is epic, CLR Therapy is one of our favorites. Oh and Daniella Kallmeyer and Chromat.

Who are some of your favorite musicians?
Oh mannnn. We just switch it up a lot. Our playlist when we design has a variety of different music but we love R&B music. We really like listening to J.Holiday and Jesse Boykins – they’re awesome. And we’ll switch and go to TOKiMONSTA and then switch it again to NOTORIOUS B.I.G.

So ending it on a random note, what was your favorite cartoon show growing up?
Oh snap! The Power Rangers for sure!