Charlotte OC’s Got It All Figured Out


Charlotte OC’s Got It All Figured Out


Photography: Nicole Nodland

Charlotte OC is way happier than her debut album, Careless People would suggest. The darkly romantic LP touches on recklessness and heartbreak, while the singer herself seems effortlessly grounded. But that’s not for nothing—after four years of tireless recording, Charlotte finally finished the album, and simultaneously grew up.

Careless People captured a time in my life where I was really figuring out that I might have just turned into a woman,” says the British singer/songwriter. “When you turn 25, it’s like all of a sudden, you feel like someone plugged you in.”

But she was also far from home. Lonely, and coming out of a painful relationship, Charlotte channeled her energy into the record, crafting a gloomy set of ‘80s pop cuts, part Siouxsie, part Stevie Nicks.

“I really wanted to make something that sounded like home,” she explains. “But because I was making it about my family, and about myself, I needed it to be as real as possible—that took time to figure out.”

“I feel like the internet has brought us so much emptiness” she laments. “It’s so easy to get whatever you want, whenever you want. I just want people to feel something.”

That focus extends beyond the record, to the heart of all her performances.

“When I perform, I don’t stand at the mic doing nothing,” she says. “I just want people to see what it looks like when a woman is really feeling something.”

Careless People does that and more, offering up a cutting mix of depth and sincerity that makes it both wholly original and extremely addicting. With her debut, Charlotte proves that pop doesn’t have to be shallow, and sometimes, the best things are worth the wait.