June 26, 2012

Charlie Kaufman’s one of a handful of screenwriters and directors whose name alone is enough to get theatergoers excited for a movie, so when word came down that he was making a musical starring Steve Carell, Jack Black, Catherine Keener, Elizabeth Banks and Kevin Kline, the countdown began to when audiences would get to see it. Sadly, fans of Kaufman could be waiting for nothing; today Moviefone published an interview with Banks where the actress said, “We didn’t get to shoot that movie. It was ready to go, and, as many movies do, it fell apart at the last minute.” Later on in the interview Banks sounds hopeful, adding “I really hope it comes together.” Banks’ words jibe with quotes that both Steve Carell and Kevin Kline have given that indicate the status of the movie is pretty uncertain at this point. Tons of movies never get made just because the details can’t get sorted out in development, and plenty of those movies are things that would probably be worth $10 and two hours of your time, much less work by someone with as consistent a track record as Charlie Kaufman. Maybe Kaufman just has to direct a Hunger Games movie or Fifty Shades of Grey to get in some studio’s good graces; if that’s the case Charlie, then please take one for the team.

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