CFDA Awards 2015: Best & Worst Red Carpet Fashion


CFDA Awards 2015: Best & Worst Red Carpet Fashion


Last night’s CFDA awards, hosted at New York’s Alice Tully Hall, were kind of bat-shit crazy. Josh Ostrovsky of “The Fat Jew” drank wine on the red carpet (same), Kim Kardashian’s dress literally caught on fire (ha), Betsy Johnson did the splits (classic), and Jemima Kirke flashed her hairy pits (fab). But what really stole the show? The fashion, of course—some bad, but mostly good (these are the major leagues, lest you forget). Here’s what we had to say about the 10 most interesting ensembles from the red carpet.


Steven Kolb, Bee Shaffer and Anna Wintour


“Nothing but respect for Ms. Wintour, but her signature look is getting pretty snoozy. You’re on top of the fashion industry and all you can give me is a demure white trench and this floral dress? Someone should force Anna to take a few shots before dressing and see what happens.” – Justin Moran

“This outfit screams, ‘I’m middle aged woman attending easter mass,’ rather than, ‘I’m a fashion icon.’ Forgive me Anna, but next year maybe you should dress the part.”– Kayla Unnerstall


Shayne Oliver and Binx Walton, both in Hood by Air


“Shayne Oliver won big last night, taking home the Swarovski Award for Menswear, and he couldn’t have looked better on the red carpet aside model Binx Walton. I love his clunky disco-hooker platforms and classic HBA lock necklace. Three cheers for radical queers” – JM

“Though I loved his accessories (that lock necklace), I thought his date, Binx Walton, stole the spotlight. The cutouts, the cape, her shoes. Perfection.”– KU


Kim Kardashian West, in Proenza Schouler, and Kanye West


“Fine. Kim and Kanye look fine. Kim and Kanye always look fine. Fine.”– JM

“Another sheer, curve hugging dress from Kim. Yawn. Was anyone actually disappointed when it caught on fire? I doubt it. What really stole the show? Kanye’s shoes.”– KU


Alexander Wang and Anna Ewers, in a dress and shoes by the designer


Alexander Wang’s AW ’15 collection was one of my absolute favorites during NYFW, and it really works on Anna Ewers. Those shoes, those shoes, those shoes, those shoes, those SHOES.” – JM

“What Justin said: THE SHOES!”– KU


Janelle Monáe, in Tadashi Shoji


“Janelle Monae always looks impeccable, but I’d love to see her try something new. It’s sort of the Anna Wintour trap—another James Brown-inspired cape? Another pompadour?” – JM

“I wasn’t exactly crazy about her Tadashi Shoji embroidered cape dress, but at least she didn’t wear her standard pantsuit and bow-tie combo. Her ring-adorned updo though, that was beyond killer.”– KU


Thom Browne


“Thom Browne doing what Thom Browne does best: awkward, shy schoolboy. It’s cute, it’s weird and it works.” – JM

“I’ve been obsessed with short-suits for men ever since Alexander Wang wore one to the CFDA awards back in 2009. Browne’s execution, however, not so good. The bow-tie was bizarre, and the half buttoned vest was awful. Though Browne certainly doesn’t follow the ‘less is more’ rule when designing his collections, I think he could benefit from applying it to his personal style.”– KU


Zachary Quinto, in Ralph Lauren, and Gigi Hadid, in Michael Kors

“Gigi’s Michael Kors’ jumpsuit is spot-on—she looks like a glimmering gold award that former boy toy Cody Simpson won’t be taking home anymore. I could picture this look on some powerful ’70s girl group, surrounded by fog and ‘fros.” – JM

“A bombshell in a jumpsuit, could we really ask for more?”– KU


Hanne Gaby Odiele, in Esteban Cortazar


“Hanne Gaby Odiele is a drop-dead gorgeous Belgian beauty.” – JM

“Sheer, leather shorts AND tasteful side boob? This is was my absolute favorite look of the night.”– KU


Lazaro Hernandez; Grimes, in Proenza Schouler; and Jack McCollough


“I love, love Proenza Schouler, but completely loath the idea of a runway-ready look being pulled off the catwalk and worn exactly the same IRL. Grimes’ personality is lost beyond her hair.” – JM

“Though I’m a big fan of Proenza Schouler in general, I’m not a fan of this particular look. It manages to make a young and spunky Grimes look matronly. The only redeeming part of the ensemble is her reverse-ombred hair, but even that looked oddly contrasted against her outfit.”– KU


Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen, in David Webb jewels; Aymeline Valade, in The Row


“Ah, Mary Kate and Ashley. Notice how they’re avoiding eye contact? This is probably the first time they’ve emerged from their underground lair for months—social norms have been abandoned at this point.” – JM

“Just like last year, we see another set of all black ensembles. Though I was hoping they’d showcase their line’s crisp white pieces, I still loved their minimalist approach. My only critique is Ashley’s cream and black ballet flats— a little basic in my opinion.”– KU