December 7, 2012

United Bamboo, the New York-based fashion company created by Miho Aoki and Thuy Pham, has taken an unusual step in ready-to-wear design. In addition to women’s and menswear, an accessories line, and Bamboo By, a line of organic room wear, they have launched Catclub, a collection of tiny-tailored garments designed specifically for the feline form. Unlike the cat-costuming carried at the neighborhood pet store, Catclub features one-of-a-kind items like an anthracite pleated skirt, a fur-lined fishtail parka, and an organic linen pilgrim dress. Each item is created uniquely for the annual Cat Calendar, which features exceptionally well-dressed and styled cats with distinctly assertive expressions.  The photographs are also accompanied by a short profile about the cat-model: age, measurements, and the animal’s pet peeves.  Ziggy, a fluffy white breed, is pictured in a floral mini-print dress and sarong selves. The caption reads: “He doesn’t like other animals.  He thinks he’s human.”  Clearly.

The designs match United Bamboo’s women’s wear collection, which has been praised for it’s minimalist and geometric looks, and has partnered with Uniqlo, Kitsune, and artist Terence Koh (among others). A cat-sized red tartan jacket and skirt exactly duplicate a look from the fall 2012 runway, which featured stiffly structured suits in predominately tartan prints. The feline collection includes daytime looks, like a pale blue button down blouse and skirt pairing inspired by the Fall/Winter 2012 Le Bac collection; evening wear (a sequin black cocktail dress); and an array of outerwear including pea coats and puffer jackets.  Whether you have an eye for design, satire, or are merely an animal lover, Catclub allows you dress your cat with the same standards of style you (usually) reserve for yourself.

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