Catching Up With Bleeding Knees Club at SXSW


Catching Up With Bleeding Knees Club at SXSW


Bleeding Knees Club are a pair of soft-spoken Aussies riding the wave of a great response to their first EP that was recorded in the back of their friend’s shoe store.  With a new album coming out April 17th and a string of new videos, these punky youngsters are finally out of the garage and into the spotlight.

What is the oldest possession that you are carrying with you?

Alex: These bracelets.
Jordan: Shit, I got this shirt yesterday. Right now it’s these shoes. I got them last year in June, not even that long ago.

What is your most important piece of equipment?

Alex: Bass Guitar.
Jordan: Laptop.

Describe the last sunrise you saw.

Jordan: Today. We flew in on a plane. We had to wake up at 3:30 in L.A.  We were half asleep but we saw it.

What is the first piece of visual art that pops into your head?

Jordan: A photo of Andy Warhol.
Alex: Before you said Andy Warhol, the first thing that popped into my head was a Velvet Underground album cover.

Who was your hero at age 5?

Jordan: Can I say my dad?
Alex: Captain Underpants. I used to love those books.

What were your obsessions at 17? And what are your obsessions now?

Jordan: At 17, the band From First to Last. Now it’s meth. No, I’m joking. Dr. Dre actually. Not meth, that’s a bad look.
Alex: At 17, surfing. Now, the internet.