July 30, 2012

To refer to Capsule as “just a trade show” would be a pretty drastic understatement. The fashion and lifestyle event that has been running for five years serves as the site for the world’s most coveted, cutting-edge brands and independent designers to showcase their collections for leading retailers and press. With twelve shows a year in three countries, Capsule fosters a community that extends beyond fashion, and intertwines with other aspects of contemporary culture such as art, literature and design. “We’ve always tried to make Capsule about more than just the clothing brands we love,” says Capsule co-founder Minya Quirk. This season, Capsule Vignettes explore these parallel worlds with unique installations and environments displayed across the exhibitions.

At last week’s New York Men’s show, up-and-coming photographer Ryan Kibler captured the Capsule community while presenting it right back to them. In his vignette, Kibler re-imagined street style photography by setting up an analog studio to take portraits of anyone who stopped by, then displayed them for the duration of the show. Dissenting from the digital-snapshot street style photos we’ve all seen before, Kibler uses 4×5 polaroids to show the personalities of the kooky, crazy badasses that make up Capsule NY. He also let each subject sign their photo however they wanted, like a sort of off-beat yearbook. Check out these unique portraits and see what everyone had to say for themselves.

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