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Calvin Lecompte

Art & Design

Calvin Lecompte


BULLETT: So, what is the deal with your show?
The show is at a gallery called Jericho Ditch in Virginia. My friend Daniel started this gallery; we’d been talking about doing a show for a long time. I have a musical background, but before that, I was doing art, more on the traditional side of things like drawing. I was going to play Immigrant Song on repeat in this space for about a month with the door locked, and I realized that I’m pretty much going for a classic rock station. I figured I’d just play the classic rock station ‘The Fox.’ ‘The Fox’ is playing and just imagining the highway, listening to the ‘Fox’, the bar, the 7-11, Sunoco. Really the gist of it is basically… I don’t know, that classic rock station. ‘The Fox’ 106.9 playing, you know. That makes sense to me, and I don’t look at other artwork, you know. I rarely follow what the hell’s going on, but I know that this shit is cool, you know. This is what’s cool or at least what’s good…what’s really good, by the way.

What is your obsession with ‘Bug Juice,’ and what exactly is it?

My friend Jerome in Florida is about 55, living on unemployment, alcoholic to no degree… next degree… double-next degree. He always has his hair slicked back perfectly. One day, my Mom told me that Jerome’s hair was messed up, which means that some shit was going on. I mean it gets deep. It gets ugly—Florida ugly—but, more or less, his hair was fucked up. He invented this shit ‘Bug Juice,’ Gatorade and vodka, mainly because it’s so damn hot down there. He figured he could stay hydrated… and that’s the truth.
If you had nine lives, how would you spend the first eight?
I’d spend the first eight in New York, pretty much. Then I’d spend my ninth in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Where’s your favorite spot to people watch?

Generally I don’t people watch, but just the other day, I hadn’t really been to Williamsburg in a long time and was really fascinated hanging out at Bedford and North Seventh. I sat outside the deli on a planter with no plants on it, sitting there for about an hour, thinking about eating Vietnamese food. But I didn’t want to ‘cause I knew I’d have a thirty-three. I saw a Tasmanian devil, stomping around with bells on its feet. I left puzzled… wouldn’t want to go there again.

You recently walked from New York City to Massachusetts. What were you thinking about on your walk?

Well, I was with my friend Daniel. We talked a lot about ‘Nam, you know… Vietnam. For a large part of the walk, we were actually convinced that there was a veteran following us. He also may or may not have been a pizza delivery guy.

If you could raid anyone’s closet, dead or alive, who would it be?

Closet. Really, I don’t raid closets. I saw this guy today… CK high-water jeans tucked in shirt, loafers, balding with long hair on the sides. He was interesting.
What were your childhood ambitions?
To be a Blue Angel, a fighter pilot, flying jet airplanes. Be a thunderbird.

Favorite song from the nineties?

‘I Could Have Lied’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers was a secret one. I mean it’s not my favorite song. I like a lot of Pavement and shit like that too. But yeah, Red Hot Chili Peppers. They were good.

If you could play ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ with any one who would it be?I already played Seven Minutes in Heaven. It was with a guy named Bruce in the parking lot of a nude beach somewhere in Miami. We were in his Jeep. My friend sat in a lawn chair waiting for the seven minutes to be over.