BULLETT’s Summer Playlist: Volume 4


BULLETT’s Summer Playlist: Volume 4


We can go off about how it’s hot outside and it’s summer and it’s almost the Fourth of July and there will be grilling and drinking and smoking and swimming and that you’ll need to soundtrack the whole thing with some summer jams which is why we’re to help with another summer playlist. But no. We’re not going to do that this time. Instead, just listen to the 4th installment of our summer playlist HERE, and spend some time getting to know each selection below.

Purity Ring – “Fineshrine”
In just under a month, Shrines will serve the season an impossibly loaded dose of demented pop. Perhaps its most potent single to date, “Fineshrine” does that Purity Ring thing—big, beat-driven melody and sweetly dark, physical poetry—all too well.

Mpala Garoo – “Primiriirii”
Over this unwinding music box of exotica, Ivan Karib proves a tropical climate is really just a state of mind, as the dude hails from Moscow.

Francis Bebey – “The Coffee Cola Song”
In between writing novels, working as a consultant for the United Nations, and building a career full of acclaimed guitar-based work, Francis Bebey found the time to fuse traditional African music with minimal electronic and clearly had a lot of fun in the process. These experiments are now available on the recently compiled, African Electronic music 1975-1982.

New Shouts – “Gazes in the Dark”
“Gazes in the Dark” is a call to arms, if wars were won with hula hoops and convertibles cars.

The Grid – “Floatation”
Pure underwater utopia was just an invite away in this underrated ‘chilltronica’ hit from 1990. Such vibes remain accessible to this day through the track’s era-appropriate-glossy music video, which awesomely succeeds in achieving a number of clichés (and, beware, opens up quite the late-night YouTube wormhole).

Pure X – “Voices”
A year later, Pleasure seems to be slow-burning its way back into airwaves like the go-to poolside album that it is.

Sensations Fix – “Music Is Painting In The Air”
Italian prog-pioneer Franco Falsini and his eventual band Sensations Fix blazed a trippy trail through the 1970s, and are now subject of a RVNG Intl. rarities collection to be released in September. The album is named after this exceptionally cosmic piece.

Clive Tanaka y su orquesta – “Neu Chicago”
In 2010, blogworld was graced by the trans-channeling dance/romance of Jet Set Siempre 1°. Here’s hoping the elusive Japanese artist (and his orchestra) drop something else, soon.

Groundislava – “Panorama (Clive Tanaka y Beaunoise Remix)”
Clive has not entirely gone silent though; he did mess with a few songs last year including this Groundislava track, which turns the steam up on the original, intensely.