BULLETT’s Brightest ’15: Pt. I


BULLETT’s Brightest ’15: Pt. I


Photography: Joshua Bouman
Styling: Sarah Glenn
HMUA: Raisa Thomas

In 2015, mainstream media seems to stay fixated on a small, select group of individuals, obsessively praising their every move and failing to acknowledge an entire pocket of low-profile people doing really cool things. From promoters to DJs and artists to stylists, our list of bright, young talent aims to highlight those trailblazers who keep creative culture alive and evolving.


Age: 22

Origin: Orange County, California

 an enthusiast of Brooklyn fashion

 an occasional promoter and club kid

a queer Puerto Rican that loves smoking weed



Age: 27

Origin: Japan, Yokohama

an artist by abstraction painting

 a sunset observer

 a walker in beauty



Age: 25

Origin: Ireland

a New York transplant by way of Ireland

 a visual artist that deals with aspects of queer identity

 a performance artist

Andy Pandy

Andy Boyce

 Age: 25

Origin: Heaven

 a video editor and producer for NYC-based gay porn company “Cockyboys”

 a video documentarian of queer Underground artists

 a panda-core club kid and musician

DJ Volvox


Age: 28

Origin: São Paulo, Brazil

 a DJ with 10 years of experience

 a passionate party promoter

 a rebellious fashion consultant

Marcel Pawlas


Age: 21

Origin: Chicago

 a visual media artist

 a techno freak

 a world traveler

Rivkah Malka


Age: 22

Origin: South Florida

 a music supervisor

 out of ideas

 tired of things like this because people who say “they are” something usually are ~rolls eyes~

Ritchard Hayward Swain & Sarah Glenn 


Age: 27 (Ritchard)

Origin: Brooklyn

 the owner of a record label, “Bootleg Tapes”

 a visual artist and designer

 a music producer and DJ

Age: ∞ (Sarah)

Origin: Idaho

 a stylist

 a clothing designer

 a nightlife promoter

Sharon Gong

Sharon Gong

Age: 21

Origin: Los Angeles/Guangzhou

 a design student

 anxious about everything

 excited about everything