Bullett Song Premiere: My Gold Mask’s ‘Burn Like the Sun’

“Jack and I really like to explore those darker feelings that sometimes get left behind in pop music. Even though we try to stay pretty light-hearted in our personal lives,” explains Gretta Rochelle of My Gold Mask, which is weird, because it’s an example of a band accurately describing the sound of their own music. Has to be a first.

The Chicago group, which also includes guitarist Jack Armondo, are premiering “Burn Like the Sun” from their upcoming full length Leave Me Midnight here today. Although in the context of this track, it sounds rather like their summoning midnight through the ancient dark rites of indie rock, heavily echoing drums and bell percussion, and a quivering, sinister vocal line. “Burn like the sun, watching it all come undone, this world that we’re breaking” Rochelle sings, sounding like the impending destruction is a turn on.

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